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URSM offers you competent and creative solutions to all your problems!!!


We understand the need of our clients and help them find the most suitable accommodation according to their needs and wants.

  • Independent Houses
  • Apartments
  • Service Apartments
  • Furnished Apartments
  • Farm Houses


Our excellence in Corporate Real Estate lets our corporate client at ease while we take care of their challenging corporate real estate needs from setting up a new office to relocations. We provide you with the best location and world class interiors for your commercial place that would not only be the most reasonable but also the best of its kind. Our Services are:

  • Rental of Commercial Spaces
  • Industrial Storage
  • Interiors


FRRO (Foreigner Regional Registration Office) is one of the prime supports that URSM offers to its guests as it is a tedious task to get it sorted. As our clients comfort and ease are our priority, we carry this responsibility to save your time and efforts and make your stay comfortable here in India.

We also manage all kind of Visa Extensions and other requisite registrations.

  • FRRO Registration (E- Visa for an Individual or family)
  • Visa Extension (For an Individual or Family)
  • Change of Address
  • De - Registration
  • Re - Registration


We at URSM, believe in giving you the assets you require at affordable rental prices and we also maintain them for you. URSM takes on the ownership for procuring/manufacturing, servicing the item during its lifetime and then disposing the asset post the rental period.

At URSM, we offer bespoke furniture solutions to our clients, where customised furniture can be made at a clients request. We also offer security solutions. fire safety solutions, independent electric metering charging solutions etc for our clients. Life is full of change. Maybe you just moved and your permanent furniture hasn't arrived. Perhaps you're relocating for a short period of time in another city and need to furnish that residence. Or your home is still on the market but you and your furniture have already left it. These times of transition call for flexible, temporary solutions that get you through, but don't tie you down.

We know the effort it takes to find the perfect rented house to stay in a new city. And also know that turning it into a home isn't one bit easy. That is why we created URSM - a one stop shop for easily renting furniture and other home furnishing essentials. With a range of high-quality stylish products to choose from at very affordable prices, you will never want to buy second-hand goods again!


Travelling has become the heart and soul that keeps the world going round. Whether for personal or professional reasons, people and travel go hand in hand. And renting a car has become the newest trend that has completely changed the way people travel. Instead of bearing the hassles, wear & tear and the cost of travelling in a private transport, more and more people are opting for the option of hiring a cab especially in metropolitan cities like Delhi. Some of the reasons which makes renting a car in Delhi a better option are as follows:

Owning is a private car in a city like Delhi is definitely a costly affair. Adding to this cost are the maintenance and repair costs which are also far too expensive. Compared to it, renting a car comes at a cheaper and more feasible option. URSM provides you with the most budget friendly and convenient car rental services in Delhi.

Delhi is a city of constant hustle and bustle. Whether you have a wedding to attend or have to reach office in time, if you are driving in Delhi, be prepared to face the most dreaded enemy of all, Traffic. Traffic has made traveling a mundane and tiresome experience. Car rental provides you with the freedom from the hassles of dealing with the traffic, allowing you to have a comfortable and relaxing ride which you can enjoy and not fret about dealing with the traffic. You just have to provide your itinerary and our team of skilled drivers will take you there. Now, whether it's the wedding season in Delhi or office hour rush, URSM rental services will make your travelling a delightful experience.

There is a common saying that your ride defines you and there are many occasions where travelling in style is an absolute necessity. At URSM, we provide you with a fleet of luxury car and services which redefines class and sophistication. Apart from luxury, all our luxury cars have high-tech inclusions to make your travel more relaxing and comfortable. Whether an important meeting with a client or a reunion with friends, make a statement wherever you travel with URSM car rental services in Delhi.

Renting a car also proves to be a safer option compared to driving apersonal vehicle. At URSM, we provide total coverage of the entire Delhi city in terms of pick-up locations and drop-off destinations. We alsoensure that the all our vehicles are in perfect running condition and also provide immediate replacement in case of a breakdown.

Another great advantage of hiring a car is the availability. We are known for our easy and swift booking services. You can also contact us on 24 hour helpline number for any related query. No matter how hectic Delhi roads get, you can always count on us for a prompt service. The thing that separates URSM from the rest of the car rental company; is the scope and quality of services we provide. We provide customized travel packages, tailor made for the clients and their requirements. This includes honeymoon tour packages, pilgrimage tour packages, adventure tour packages, corporate tour packages etc.


Our products and services cover every phase of the domestic relocation services process, from selling a home, finding a new home, and shipping household goods to settling in and adjusting to your new community. Our domestic relocation services are as flexible as they are varied. Working as your partner, we can provide as little, or as much, support as you need to meet your mobility needs.

We understand that any relocation can be a stressful experience for you, your HR teams, as well as your employees and their families. No matter where your business takes you, URSM can provide personalized assistance in getting your relocating employees to their new homes fast. Our caring relocation experts work to understand employees and their families, helping them meet all of their relocation needs.

URSM has devised convenient and brilliant ways to move its customers' households or vehicles anywhere within the territory. Our services are designed proficiently to meet the maximum customer satisfaction, and they are also rendered in such a way that comes out high on the expectations of our clients.

Considered as the leaders in relocation, we are best known for offering unparalleled, plethora of efficient moving services in the domestic sector. We ensure that deviations, of any form, do not creep in and hamper our efficiency. However, in case of an unfortunate accident, inspite of all safety precautions undertaken, we try to take the entire responsibility of the loss thence incurred and compensate fairly.


URSM is dedicated to provide a comprehensive IT solution.

  • Networking Contracts
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • Long Range / Remote Connectivity
  • Server Solutions
  • Customized Software Developments & Implementations
  • Web Site
  • ERP Solutions
  • After Sales Services
  • Mail Servers
  • Virus Control & Security
  • Broad Band Solutions
  • CCTV, Security System and Audio Video Solution


While most firms promote their expertise, few can also claim expert service with a personal touch. At URSM, we are known for both. Our team offers you professional support while also providing that one-on-one guidance specific to your needs. Offering a blend of multidisciplinary experience, our team works in partnership with you to help solve complex financial issues and provide deep insight into issues that are of most concern to you.

Customized programs are designed to seek growth, and potentially conserve our clients’ wealth by delivering an unprecedented level of personalized service. We put people on the right path toward their goals. We give all our clients straight talk. We help individuals and small businesses work towards pursuing their financial goals and save money on their taxes. You get more than just a tax return.

Always available with truthful advice, we give the bottom line to fit each individual client. We put forward extra effort to listen and learn different ways to save money for you or your business. We recommend an open straightforward and transparent approach to tax preparation. We stay updated on new tax laws and legislation in order to be able to recommend the appropriate solutions for each individual client. Our clients are diverse from different industries and walks of life. We are able to recognize the best solution for each unique situation for every client and determine the proper approach to a resolution.


Ceremony and ritual mark many major events in India, both in business and domestic life. Need help organizing? Our thorough knowledge of expatriate expectations and local culture is the winning combination for providing successful end-to-end services for any of your events. We offer assistance with the following:

  • Office and factory launches
  • Ground-breaking ceremonies
  • Product launches
  • Annual Day celebrations

From planning your guest list to arranging the entertainment, from designing backdrops and invitation cards to press co-ordination, and from building the stage to advising you on political protocol. We even write your speeches, offer translation services and clearly position you as an India-friendly other national who embraces diversity.